Riga Airport Training Centre Resumes Face-to-face Training for Airport Professionals

16 03

Riga Airport Training Centre, a training institution recognised by Airport Council International (ACI), is the first in Europe to resume face-to-face training for airport professionals.

“Riga Airport Training Centre strengthens its position as a reliable ACI partner in our region. Airport professionals from many countries are interested in training in Riga, as we are the first airport to offer face-to-face courses for aviation professionals again after the pandemic has subsided,” says Ivars Pavasars, Head of Riga Airport Training Centre.

The just concluded international training in Riga on Airport Emergency Planning & Crisis Management (GSN 3) was attended by a wide range of participants from Belgium, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries.

Currently, no other training institution at this level, which provides the necessary skills and knowledge for airport staff in the aviation sector, has yet resumed face-to-face training. The next ACI-recognised face-to-face training courses for airport staff are available in Turkey, UAE, Oman.

In the future, Riga Airport Training Centre plans to offer ACI-accredited training courses on specific topics tailored to each customer and to develop hybrid training opportunities (combined face-to-face and live training).