• An authorised official of the company/organisation. Once the user signs up, they will be validated and either approved or rejected.
  • No. After the application has been made, the user who made the application will receive confirmation from the Training Centre which will include a list of participants.
  • No. Employers are responsible for sending their employees to the courses in a timely manner and for compliance with the validity periods of the courses/certificates.
  • No, the application for a course must always contain the details of a specific person.
  • The user profile must be closed. The person must report this to the Training Centre. The company/organisation must choose a new person who will be responsible for and authorised to register people for the courses. This person must create a new profile on our website.
  • The participant must be registered again by filling in and submitting the application form for the course on the selected date.
  • If the employee has been absent for 6 months, they must repeat all the courses required for their entry pass to be reactivated. If any other courses/certificates required for the performance of their professional duties have expired, book a training session on one of the dates available as soon as possible.
  • The user who made the application will be informed of the failed status of the course. In such a case, the training must be repeated in full.
  • At 14:00 on the day before the course, or as soon as the course group is full.
  • Report this by writing to [email protected] as soon as it is known that a registered participant will miss the course.
  • 1. Connect to the course 10 minutes before the indicated time; participants joining late are not admitted.
    2. Have a device with a stable internet connection and a working microphone; the camera must be on, and the participant must be present throughout the training.
    3. Have a passport or ID card ready; personal identification may be necessary (a private communication channel is used in such cases).
  • An overview of the catering options close to the training center can be seen in this map.