Traffic regulations at Aerodrome – Initial

! For the application to be approved, after submitting it, please, send the copies of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) certificates of the employees to e-mail address: [email protected].

This training covers the rules and requirements that must be met when driving a vehicle unsupervised in the airfield. The programme is developed in line with EC Regulation No. 139/2014.

Purpose of the training: having completed the training, the employee can drive unsupervised in the airfield, while complying with the traffic rules.

Training requirements:

  • The participant should have a valid Category B driving licence (no Code 78) recognized by the Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD).
  • At least 2 months of experience in driving a vehicle.
  • A valid long-term Riga Airport pass.

Training content


  • Having passed the theoretical knowledge and practical driving test, participants receive a training certificate valid for 2 years, and a Category B or BZ aerodrome vehicle driving permit.
  • The date of the practical training/exam is set on the day of the training.
    Please contact the Airside Operations and Safety training manager concerning any changes.
    Training/exam duration: 2 hours.
    During the assigned practical training time, the participant is at KP3 (apron-side) and should bring their PPE (a vest).

Enrolment in recurrent training is possible within the last 3 calendar months before initial certification expires (the new period begins at the end of the initial period).

Apply for the recurrent training here

For 6 to 12 months, they must complete recurrent training and take a practical test
Apply for recurrent training here
For 12 or more months, they must complete the initial training.

Registered partners can download the evidence form here.

The evidence must be signed with a secure electronic signature and submitted as an attachment via email to [email protected]


Inga Bēržvade
Training Coordinator