Escorting of vehicles on the Aerodrome

This training is offered upon request.  Please send a message to [email protected] to discuss possible dates.

The training covers the rules and requirements that must be met when escorting a vehicle independently in the airfield. The programme is developed in line with EC Regulation No 139/2014.

Purpose of the training: having completed the training, the employee can independently escort other vehicles in the airfield, while complying with the traffic rules in place at the airfield.

Training requirements:

  • The participant must have a valid Category B aerodrome driving permit and at least 2 months of experience driving at the airfield.
  • The participant must also submit training approval from the Aerodrome Operational manager.

Training content


  • Having passed the theoretical knowledge test and practical driving exam, participants receive a training certificate, which is valid for 2 years, and a Category Ω airfield vehicle driving permit.
  • Enrolment in the recurrent training is possible within the last 3 calendar months before the initial certification expires (the new period begins at the end of the initial period). If the employee has been absent for 6 to 12 months, they must complete the recurrent training and take a practical test for 12 or more months, they must retake the initial training.
  • The date of the practical training/test is set on the day of the training. Please contact the Airside Operations and Safety training manager concerning any changes. Training/test duration: 1 hour. During the assigned practical training time, the participant is at KP3 (apron-side) and should bring their PPE (a vest).


Inga Bēržvade
Training Coordinator